Responsible AI Toolkit
Responsible AI Toolkit

The Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Toolkit is a key deliverable of the RAI Strategy & Implementation Pathway (RAI S&I Pathway), signed into adoption by Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks in June 2022. The RAI S&I Pathway outlines more than 60 lines of effort across the Department of Defense (DoD) for operationalizing the DoD AI Ethical Principles through the RAI Implementation Tenets, which include fostering a trusted RAI ecosystem of technical tools and guidance, educational resources, and thought leadership.

The RAI Toolkit is built upon numerous other proven RAI/AI Ethical frameworks, assessments, and toolkits. It provides a voluntary process that identifies, tracks, and improves alignment of AI projects to RAI best practices and the DoD AI Ethical Principles, while capitalizing on opportunities for innovation. Finally, the Toolkit’s intuitive flow guides the user through tailorable and modular assessments, tools, and artifacts throughout the AI product lifecycle.

The CDAO hopes to bring transparency to the DoD’s approach to Responsible AI by making the Toolkit accessible to the public. Moreover, this version of the Toolkit will be continually improved: 

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