Statement of Objectives
Statement of Objectives

A Statement of Objectives (SOO) is a document that outlines the desired outcomes and objectives of a procurement effort, providing vendors with the flexibility to propose solutions that best meet the government’s needs. The SOO is less prescriptive than a Statement of Work (SOW) and focuses on the end goals rather than specific tasks.

How It Is Written:

  1. Define the Purpose: Clearly state the overall purpose and goals of the procurement.
  2. Outline Objectives: List the specific objectives the government aims to achieve with the procurement.
  3. Identify Constraints: Highlight any constraints or limitations that may impact the project, such as budget, timeline, or regulatory requirements.
  4. Describe Desired Outcomes: Provide a high-level description of the expected outcomes or performance results.
  5. Leave Room for Innovation: Encourage vendors to propose innovative solutions by focusing on what needs to be accomplished rather than how to accomplish it.

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