Notice to Offerors
Notice to Offerors

A Notice to Offerors is a formal communication issued by a contracting authority to inform potential offerors about important details regarding a solicitation, such as amendments, deadlines, or procedural changes. This notice ensures that all interested parties are aware of critical information that could affect their proposals.

How It Is Written:

  1. Identify the Solicitation: Include the solicitation number and title to clearly reference the related procurement.
  2. State the Purpose: Briefly explain the reason for the notice, such as changes to the solicitation, clarifications, or updates.
  3. Detail the Information: Provide the specific details of the notice, such as new deadlines, changes to requirements, or additional instructions.
  4. Include Contact Information: Provide the name and contact details of the person responsible for handling inquiries related to the notice.
  5. Sign and Date: Ensure the notice is signed and dated by the appropriate authority to validate its authenticity.

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