Competitive Range Determination
Competitive Range Determination

A Competitive Range Determination is a step in the procurement process where the contracting officer identifies the most highly rated proposals. These proposals are deemed to have a reasonable chance of being selected for award and are included in the competitive range for further evaluation and negotiation. This determination helps streamline the selection process by focusing on the most promising offers.

How It Is Written:

  1. Evaluate Proposals: Assess all submitted proposals based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the solicitation.
  2. Score Proposals: Assign scores to each proposal according to the evaluation factors.
  3. Rank Proposals: Rank the proposals from highest to lowest based on their scores.
  4. Determine the Competitive Range: Identify the proposals that are rated the highest and have a reasonable chance of being selected for award. These proposals form the competitive range.
  5. Document the Decision: Prepare a memorandum that explains the rationale for including or excluding proposals from the competitive range, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  6. Notify Offerors: Inform the offerors whether they are within the competitive range or have been excluded.

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