White Paper Request
White Paper Request

A White Paper Request is a document issued by an organization to solicit white papers from potential suppliers, researchers, or collaborators. These white papers provide detailed information on how the respondents propose to address a specific problem or need, offering innovative solutions, approaches, or technologies.

How It Is Written:

  1. Define the Problem or Need: Clearly describe the issue or requirement that needs to be addressed.
  2. Outline the Objectives: Specify the goals and desired outcomes of the requested white paper.
  3. Include Submission Requirements: Detail the format, content, and submission requirements for the white paper, including any specific guidelines or templates.
  4. Set Evaluation Criteria: Explain how the white papers will be evaluated, including the criteria and any weighting or scoring methods that will be used.
  5. Provide Submission Instructions: Give clear instructions on how to submit the white papers, including deadlines, points of contact, and any necessary registration or pre-submission requirements.
  6. Specify Terms and Conditions: Include any terms and conditions related to confidentiality, intellectual property, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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